America Chavez returns in a new series by Kalinda Vazquez + Carlos Gómez

The series begins in March.

America Chavez, the character who debuted in the pages of Vengeance and later joined the Young Avengers, will break out into a new solo series next year. America Chavez: Made in the USA will kick off in March from the team of Kalinda Vazquez and Carlos Gómez.

This comic was originally announced in March 2020, when the COVID pandemic started to take hold of the world.

“I’m so hyped for this new series!” Gómez said. “Her style and her powers make her an awesome character… There is so much you can do with her, it’s insane. I couldn’t be happier to jump on this ship. So be ready for a new origin story with a ton of unexpected twists!”

America Chavez was created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta in the pages of Vengeance back in 2011. Casey has since gone on to write a book for Image called America Vasquez, who may or may not resemble the Marvel character. It came out earlier this year. The Marvel character, after her debut, went on to appear in Young Avengers, A-Force and Ultimates, as well as in a solo series written by Gabby Rivera. She will make her big-screen debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel.

You can check out a page of Gómez’s art below, featuring another character who will soon make her MCU debut:

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