Sunday Comics | A round-up from Hourly Comics Day

Cartoonists dedicated last Monday to making and posting new comics every hour; check out the results of their hard work.

Here’s a round up of some of the best comics we’ve seen online recently. If we missed something, let us know in the comments below.

Every February comics artists wake up and just start drawing for #HourlyComicsDay, where cartoonists commit to making and posting a comic every hour for a day — or whatever frequency they chose. Most hourly comics typically fall into the “autobiography” category, as participants detail their day in comics form, but some will share fictional stories as well.

The official Hourly Comics Day was last Monday, and I thought I’d dedicate this edition of Sunday Comics to spotlighting some of them (with a big thanks to Brigid Alverson for sharing a long list of the ones she found).

So here we go:

Lucy Knisley:

Sara Goetter:

Pina Varnel:

Ian Mutchler:

Evan Dorkin:

Gale Galligan:

Mariel Rodriguez:

Jenny Robins:

Hari Conner:

Danny Noble:

Caroline Director:

T. Kingfisher:

Melanie Gillman (also on Tumblr):

Joe Decie:

Alison Wilgus:

Jens K Styve:

Amanda Laughter-Gay:

Philippa Rice:

Magnolia Porter Siddell:

Rachael Smith (also on etsy)

Otava Heikkilä

John Allison:

Kate Fairchild:

Derek Laufman:

Blue Delliquanti:

Tara O’Connor:

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