Zdarsky + Mendonca + Angiolini take the Justice League on a ‘Last Ride’

The DC Digital First miniseries starts in April.

Chip Zdarsky, Miguel Mendonça and Enrica Eren Angiolini will explore what happens after the Justice League breaks up in Justice League: Last Ride, a DC Digital First series coming in April.

After an “unthinkable tragedy,” the League split up, but the universe’s greatest murder trial pulls them back together. “It’s about the Justice League being cut down at their height, about hard decisions and friendship,” Zdarsky said in his email newsletter. “They’re brought together for the universe’s greatest murder trial in the hopes that they can create a universe that no longer needs a Justice League.”

cover by Darick Robertson

Zdarsky said he was given free reign to choose which characters to use in the comic. “When DC approached me about the project, they said I could use whatever characters I wanted, that this book should feel timeless (like me), so I leaned pretty heavily into one of my favorite incarnations of the League: the animated version,” he said.

This limited series will be available as 16 weekly digital chapters, followed by eight monthly print issues. The first digital chapter debuts April 14, with the print issue launching in comic book stores May 11. Darick Robertson drew the main cover, seen above, while Mendonça did the variant cover:

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