Sunday Comics | John Allison kicks off ‘Author Unknown’

Check out other recent online comics from Matt Kindt, Frankee White and Kat Baumann, Jason Loo and Dan Schkade.

Here’s a round up of some of the best comics we’ve seen online recently. If we missed something, let us know in the comments below.

John Allison has created several webcomics and comics over the years, from Bad Machinery to Scary-Go-Round to Wicked Things and Steeple. Last week he kicked off a brand-new story on the Steeple site, called Author Unknown. The 44-page comic has been in the works since November of 2019 and will feature Charlotte Grote, his character from Bad Machinery.

“… it’s been through a lot of revisions to make sure it meant something even taken in isolation,” Allison said. “It needed me to make all the comics I did over the last year to give it a bit of weight. There is something for both long-term and newer readers, to the exclusion of no-one.”

You can start reading the new story by going here, or, if you don’t want to wait, you can read the entire story by becoming a supporter of Allison’s on Patreon.

Oh hey, remember that Mind MGMT NFT comic that Matt Kindt was auctioning off? Where Kindt said whoever won it could do what they wanted with it, including releasing it to the world? Well, they did just that; you can view the comic over at The Beat.

Lavender Jack creator Dan Schkade imagines how the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom would be in real life (and on Twitter) with this short comic about Doctor Doom getting his COVID-19 vaccination. You can read the whole thing on Twitter.

Afterlift artist Jason Loo had a cool idea for a Madrox story last year that he wrote and drew, and now he’s shared it on Twitter. It may not just be a Twitter comic for long, though, based on the response from Marvel’s Tom Brevoort.

Finally, here’s a third comic from Twitter, The Love Remains, created by Frankee White and Kat Baumann. You read it on Twitter, but you can also buy it on Gumroad, where White has several other comics you might be interested in. And check out his Twitter feed for stuff like this fun Batman/Two-Face one-pager.

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