Skybound Xpo reveals new comic series, teases ‘Skybound X’

Creators appeared to discuss ‘Rick Grimes 2000,’ ‘Everyday Hero Machine Boy,’ ‘Clementine’ and more.

Robert Kirkman’s Skybound held one of its online Xpo events today, revealing a comic adaption of the video game Trover Saves the Universe as well as some addition details and preview art from the upcoming Skybound X miniseries.

Trover Saves the Universe is a video game created by Justin Roiland, co-creator of the hit cartoon series Rick & Morty. Skybound has enlisted Tess Stone to work with Roiland on the miniseries.

“When Skybound mentioned they were interested in doing a Trover Saves the Universe comic with the help of Tess Stone, I knew it was going to be something of high quality,” said Roiland, who is also CEO and co-founder of Squanch Games. “Important cosmic jobs is such fertile soil for storytelling, and Tess has successfully expanded it beyond the game’s DLC to create a whole new crazy adventure for Trover fans to follow.”

cover by Tess Stone

Here’s the description: Welcome to the ICJ—Important Cosmic Jobs—where employees are ranked by their boss, and at the end of each month, the worst employee literally gets the ax. It’s…not a great gig. But when ICJ’s top eyehole monster winds up dead, the company’s most inept (and rival) employees, Klover and Bo, are falsely accused of his murder and hunted by the Space Cops!

Now they must clear their names and unravel a conspiracy that reaches the very top…that is, if they don’t kill each other first!

“Working on this series has been such a wonderful opportunity in more ways than one. Not only do I get to play around in the wonderful setting of Justin Roiland and Squanch Games’ Trover Saves the Universe, I was given the chance to build up and fall in love with characters of my own,” said Stone. “To be able to have this creative flexibility in a world I already adore and admire seems too good to be true, but here we are! I hope that the series through my eyes can properly display my love for the world and everything within, and I’m so excited to share it with everyone!”

The first issue will have a variant cover by Roiland:

And Skybound also shared a preview:

The first issue arrives in stores Aug. 4.

SkyBound X previews

During the Xpo, Skybound also hosted a panel featuring several of the creators working on the upcoming Skybound X, including Kirkman, Tillie Walden (“Clementine”), Khary Randolph (Excellence), Ramon Perez (Stillwater) and Irma Kniivila (“Everyday Hero Machine Boy”).

Skybound X is a five-issue anthology miniseries featuring characters and stories from across the Skybound line, including several new ones. Kirkman noted that each issue has at least one new story in it, and you can expect to see more of them in the future.

Walden is working on the Clementine story, which features the popular character from the Telltale Walking Dead video game series. It’s the first time the character has appeared in comics, and the story will be set after the games, as Clementine will be older. Walden said she considers the story canon, and the games will erve as the back story for her tale.

The panel also debuted some interior art from Walden:

Kniivila said “Everyday Hero Machine Boy,” which debuts in issue #2 of Skybound X, is aimed at younger readers and is a “Pinocchio story of sorts,” as a robot boy with a bomb for a heart learns how to be a real boy — and studies karate with a “karate grandma.”

Kirkman, meanwhile, will continue the Rick Grimes 2000 back-up story from The Walking Dead #75, with artist Ryan Ottley. The story idea started as a gag based on a letter in an early issue of The Walking Dead, where a fan speculated that Kirkman would run out of ideas on the book and Kirkman joked that Rick would wield a lightsaber and fight aliens by issue #75. Rick Grimes 2000 will run through the entire miniseries.

The panel shared some new variant covers from it as well:

by Cliff Rathburn
by Charlie Adlard
by Chris Schweizer

In answering a question from a fan, Kirkman said Invincible would not appear in Skybound X, but “if you want to see more Invincible stuff, just stay tuned. Maybe there will be, maybe there won’t be. That’s a bad answer, I’m sorry.”

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