Bunn, Galan and Torres team for new horror comedy ‘Lucky Devil’

The new miniseries from Dark Horse debuts in August.

Cullen Bunn, Fran Galan and El Torres are teaming up for a new horror-comedy miniseries coming from Dark Horse in August. Lucky Devil tells the story of Stanley, a formerly possessed man who retains all the powers of the demon that once possessed him.

“The story follows despondent schlub Stanley, who finds himself possessed by a powerful demonic spirit,” Bunn said in his email newsletter. “In a rare moment when he is in control, he scrapes together enough money for a bargain basement exorcism. The exorcism works! The demon is sent packing. But all of the demon’s infernal powers remain with Stanley. What does an ordinary guy with all the power of a demon lord do? Well, discovering that is part of the fun. Suffice it to say, the Lords Below do not approve of Stanley’s antics.”

“It is an initial four-issue series, but (assuming readers want more) we could tell many more stories in this world and with these characters,” Bunn added.

To see some preview pages, check out this article on IGN. The first issue arrives Aug. 4.

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