Rosenberg + a host of artists piece together ‘The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox’

The Clown Prince of Crime has a story to tell and a puzzle to solve, starting in August.

How would you like to attend a murder mystery party — hosted by the Joker?

DC Comics has announced The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox, a new seven-issue series written by Matthew Rosenberg (Hawkeye, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank) with art by Jesús Merino, Joshua Hixon and Ulises Arreola. They’ll be joined by Keron Grant, Dani, Domo Stanton, Juni Ba, Vanesa Del Rey, Ricardo Ortiz, Christopher Mooneyham and others, as The Joker lays down his clues in the Gotham Central interrogation room.

It might make more sense when you read the description of the series: The G.C.P.D. discover a mysterious corpse, a magical box, and a murderer’s row of the city’s most dangerous villains sitting in a jail cell. Now all they need to figure out is what exactly happened! Fortunately, one suspect is willing to talk. Unfortunately, it’s The Joker. And he’s holding all the cards.

In addition, subscribers to DC Universe Infinite will start getting extra clues to the Joker’s mystery in June, “to help readers stay two steps ahead of The Joker.” That same bonus material will appear in the print editions that start arriving in August.

Check out a preview below; look for the first issue Aug. 3.

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