‘Scales & Scoundrels’ returns from TKO Studios

The former Image Comics series by Sebastian Girner and Galaad is now available in two volumes from TKO.

Scales & Scoundrels, the former Image Comics series by Sebastian Girner, Galaad and Jeff Powell, has found a new home at TKO Studios.

Scales & Scoundrels originally debuted in 2017, and Image published 12 issues before the series ended. It’s the story of Luvander, a treasure hunter, and her three companions, as they discover “a secret that will bring light to a world encroached upon by an ancient darkness.”

“At its heart, Scales & Scoundrels is the story of a wandering, of moving forward through whatever obstacles may face us and that seems very timely as society reemerges out of the events of the past 18 months,” Girner said. “It’s also about the constant of change, and how change is inevitable, even for an immortal dragon. Life is change and all things, good and bad, beautiful, and sad, stem from our struggle to accept this. We wanted to explore a rich, and diverse fantasy setting, but have the characters within that world struggle with similar emotions and issues just as our readers might.”

TKO Studios has two volumes of Scales & Scoundrels on their site. The first volume, “Where Dragons Wander,” includes the comics previously published and collected by Image Comics, but with reworked artwork.

The second book, “The Festival of Life,” includes 250 pages of new material.

An interview with Sebastian Girner

“When Galaad and I started work on the book we thought that a true all-ages comic was really missing from the monthly comic book market, and we managed to get it placed with Image Comics, much to our excitement,” Girner said. “And while the critical reception was really encouraging, the readership for this kind of book just didn’t seem to be finding the book in the monthly single-issue market. That changed when we put the first trade paperbacks (collecting what is now in the TKO Definitive Edition Book 1), so clearly the readers for this kind of book were out there, just they were in the bookstores and libraries. Sadly, by the time we realized this, the financial reality of producing, printing, and shipping 12 issues of a comic in a year caught up with us, and to avoid going into debt we had to end the series prematurely. Galaad and I both began other projects, but we never stopped working on Scales & Scoundrels. One of the projects I became involved in lead to me becoming Editor in Chief of TKO Studios. When we started talks there about expanding our line into all-ages and young-readers original graphic novels, I knew the time had come for the slumbering dragon to rise again.”

Both books are available on the TKO website and come with a set of trading cards if you order from them directly.

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  1. I loved reading both of the scale and scoundrel compact books they were some of the best reading material I’ve seen in a long time, however I’ve been looking for the next book so I can continue the story but I haven’t been able to find it, are you working on the next graphic novel right now?

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