Archie announces ‘Chilling Adventures in Sorcery’ for November

The anthology will feature the return of Madam Satan and other horror stories by a variety of creators.

Archie Comics has announced a new anthology, Chilling Adventures in Sorcery, that will make its debut in November.

Jamie L. Rotante, who became senior director of editorial for Archie earlier this year, is overseeing the anthology, which is described as an expansion of last year’s Madam Satan one-shot.

“This horror anthology is the perfect love letter to both classic Archie tales and the more modern stories,” said Rotante. “The genre lends itself to have a timeless appeal to audiences and I believe that plays a factor into the excitement for Archie horror comics.”

cover by Julius Ohta

According to Archie, the one-shot features “Madam Satan not only trying to escape Hell, but also stepping into the role as host for a series of scary stories, paying homage to legendary television anthologies and iconic horror hosts like Rod Serling, Elvira and Vincent Price. Madam Satan will play tour guide as readers explore the horrifying underbelly of Riverdale while the classic Archie Comics characters face their deepest fears, along with some frightful bonus content Archie horror fans will absolutely die for.”

The project will include several writers and artists, including Vincenzo Federici, Evan Stanley, Pat and Tim Kennedy, Amy Chu and Derek Charm. Eliot Rahal, who worked on last year’s Madam Satan, also returns to continue her story.

“One of my goals in editorial is to create more opportunities to bring a wide range of talent into the Archie Comics fold and champion underseen writers and artists,” said Rotante. “This is just the first in a variety of anthology-style one-shots that we’ll be releasing as we close out 2021 and enter the new year. Working in this format gives us the chance to tackle a variety of genres and collaborate with exciting new talent and long-time favorites simultaneously. We can’t wait to share more news soon!”

Here’s a variant cover by Francesco Francavilla:

And here are some preview pages by Derek Charm:

And finally, some character concept art from Vincenzo Federici and Evan Stanley:

The one-shot arrives Nov. 3.

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