Fantagraphics announces ‘Keeping Two’ by Jordan Crane

The new graphic novel arrives in March of 2022.

Jordan Crane, creator of NON, The Last Lonely Saturday, We Are All Me and The Clouds Above, will return with a new graphic novel next year. Fantagraphics will publish Keeping Two in March.

“I could not be more proud to publish Keeping Two,” said Fantagraphics VP/Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds. “It’s a works of comics by a master cartoonist at the very peak of his form. But it’s also a profoundly affecting story that I think strives to bring people closer by reminding us of our shared experience as human beings, at a time when we could really use it.”

According to the press release, Keeping Two “follows a young couple still relatively new at building what they hope will be a lifetime together, over the course of a day. Through a series of events, they are forced to individually confront loss, grief, fear, and insecurity in ways that will either strengthen their bond or tear it apart. Touching, raw, and beautifully illustrated, Crane has crafted a graphic novel that celebrates the comics medium while exploring the depths of the human condition.”

Look for it in stores on March 22, which is also Earth Day.

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