UK’s Royal Mail will issue DC stamps later this month

Jim Cheung’s artwork will grace envelopes across the United Kingdom starting Sept. 17.

After battling Darkseid and saving the multiverse multiple times over, the Justice League’s next task should be somewhat easier — ensuring mail is delivered across the United Kingdom.

Royal Mail provides mail service across the UK, and beginning Sept. 17, they will issue stamps featuring artist Jim Cheung’s renditions of several Batman characters as well as the Justice League. Characters range from Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to Shazam!, Supergirl, Batwoman, Joker and even Alfred.

“As a child, I used to collect stamps (if you didn’t realize what a nerd I was, that should be a good indicator), so never did I imagine in my wildest dreams that there’d be a collection with MY art on them,” Cheung posted on social media. “When this opportunity fell across my desk, there was no way I could refuse, and besides, it was for the QUEEN!! To get Royal approval, well it just doesn’t get any better for this kid from the UK!!”

The stamps can be pre-ordered on the Royal Mail website in a variety of collectible formats, as well as just as sheets.

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