Momoko’s ‘Demon Days’ continues in December with ‘Rising Storm’

Marvel will also release a ‘Creator’s Cut” edition of the first ‘Demon Days’ comic by Peach Momoko.

Over the last year Peach Momoko has been building out her own alternate universe that combines Japanese folklore with the Marvel Universe. Those stories continue in December with Demon Days: Rising Storm, the second-to-last one-shot set in the same world as the previous Demon Days comics.

The comic will continue to focus on Mariko’s journey, introducing Momoko’s version of Thor and Storm into the story.

Here’s the description from Marvel: Mariko’s journey through the mysterious forest of Kirisaki Mountain has brought her face-to-face with strange and terrible creatures. But she’s about to be tested like never before when she crosses paths with literal gods! You won’t want to miss this electrifying showdown in the penultimate chapter of the DEMON DAYS SAGA!

Here’s a look at the designs for Thor and Storm:

In addition, Marvel also plans to release Demon Days: X-Men Creator’s Cut #1, which will reprint the first Demon Days one-shot in black and white, with several extras like layouts, pencils, character designs and unused art included as well. Here’s the cover:

Rising Storm arrives Dec. 1, while the Creator’s Cut issue comes out a week later.

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