Marvel will celebrate 200 issues of Black Panther in January

John Ridley and Juann Cabal send T’Challa to Mars to visit his ex-wife Storm in the oversized issue.

Marvel’s latest Black Panther series will only reach issue #3 in January, but if you add up all his previous series, you get 200 issues — so Marvel’s celebrating with an oversized issue.

The comic is already pretty special, as it’s the third issue of the new series by Academy Award-winning screenwriter John Ridley and artist Juann Cabal. Ridley follows Ta-Nehisi Coates on the title and promises the comic will be a “hybrid espionage-Super Hero thriller, but at its core, it’s a love story.”

The cover to the first issue teased an appearance by Storm, and she’s front and center on issue #200:

Black Panther #3 cover by Alex Ross

Marvel says the issue will include “bonus stories celebrating the past and foreshadowing the future of the Black Panther and the world of Wakanda.” It will also introduce a new hero who “rises up to protect the people of Wakanda while T’Challa finds his life and role as Black Panther thrown into turmoil.”

And oh yeah — mutants:

Black Panther #3 variant cover by Taurin Clarke

The main story will find T’Challa facing off against the X-Men and his ex-wife. He goes to visit her on the newly terraformed Mars, but Marvel says the reunion isn’t so happy.

Here’s another variant cover:

Black Panther #3 variant cover by Gary Frank

Black Panther #3, or #200 with legacy numbering, arrives in stores Jan. 26.

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