The next X-Men era, Destiny of X, kicks off in the spring

Following ‘Inferno” and January’s dual Wolverine miniseries comes ‘The Second Krakoan Age of X-Men.’

Marvel has put a name to what they’re referring to as “The Second Krakoan Age of X-Men”: Destiny of X. This new era of X-comics will feature several new titles, creative team changes and “revolutionary status quo changes” for the few remaining titles in the X-line-up.

“The journey of the Krakoan Age is far from over!” Senior Editor Jordan D. White told “Our long-term plan that all our creators have been working on in our secret Council Chamber has only just begun to come to fruition. With the filling of the two empty council seats, the Reign of X has ended, and it’s time for mutantkind to reach for their destiny!”

Marvel shared some teaser art by Leini Francis Yu and Sunny Gho, which also lists the titles you can expect to see next year:

Artwork by Leini Francis Yu and Sunny Gho

New to the line-up are Immortal X-Men, Knights of X, Legion of X and X-Men Red — although some of those titles have been used in some form or fashion in the past.

And we already know that Marauders is getting a new creative team, as Steve Orlando and Creees Lee will reveal a new team and new threats in January’s Marauders annual. The other holdover titles — X-Men, New Mutants and X-Force, will see status quo changes as well.

Then there’s Wolverine, who will be featured in two different miniseries starting in January. Benjamin Percy will write both titles: X Lives of Wolverine, with art by Joshua Cassara and X Deaths of Wolverine, with art by Federico Vicentini, and they’ll be released on an alternate weekly schedule. calls the plot a “vital time-travelling mission” that leads into Destiny of X. Wolverine’s ongoing title will continue after the miniseries as well.

Here’s the description Marvel previously shared: Logan. James Howlett. Weapon X. The mutant best known as Wolverine has lived many lives under many identities and in many places, but never before has the fate of the future been so entwined with the past! Fan-favorite eras of Wolverine’s saga are explored anew, along with never-before-seen episodes as Logan must travel to various points in time to prevent the death of a key figure in mutant history. But these lives are only one side of the story… If Wolverine’s future lies in the past, what does that mean for the present?

One other change we knew was coming is the absence of Jonathan Hickman, the architect behind the First Krakoan Age. The writer announced back in August that he was planning to leave the X-titles after the Inferno miniseries. While he had planned to stay longer and complete the three-event narrative he had originally pitched to Marvel, the current Krakoan status quo proved to be popular with fans and the creative teams working on the books — so it’s very likely we’ll be seeing Krakoan portals and resurrections in the X-Men’s foreseeable future.

Marvel says to expect more details on Destiny of X in the coming days.

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