AfterShock officially announces ‘We Live’ sequel ‘Age of the Palladions’

The new series launches next March with two different first issues.

Brothers Inaki and Roy Miranda will return to the universe they created in the hit miniseries We Live next year, as the Age of the Palladions picks up six years after the original series.

AfterShock will actually release two version of the first issue, a “Black” version and a “White” version, with their own distinct previews and slightly different synopses.

“The story begins six years after the appearance of the Palladions in Megalopolis 9,” Co-writer Roy Miranda said. “After an ephemeral time of prosperity, the city faces a new critical situation.We are in the middle of a very delicate moment where a decision will have to be made for the survival of the population. It’s a story that deepens in the concept of heroism; a kind of heroism that few can assume when it needs to be built from a place of defeat.The readers that have followed us since the first arc will see how the universe of We Live has grown along with the characters. Especially our main characters, who have grown physically, but mostly psychologically.” 

Here’s a preview of the “Black” issue:

Co-writer and artist Inaki Miranda talked about their approach to this new “season” as well as the purpose of having two first issues:

“Each season of We Live requires the presentation of a new world, a changed one, with new rules and logic,” he said. “Earth mutates at an unstoppable rhythm, and the characters are trying to not be left behind; to survive and endure.One of our main concerns when laying out this new arc was how to define a new fantastical reality that at the same time would feel sincere. A world where, even though we have super powered beings, we’d still be able to speak about the heart that defines We Live; the human condition and the tragedies that surround us, and how we face them and what part love plays in the equation.We didn’t want superheroes fighting super villains or street crime. Because the real problem with humanity is a much more endemic and extensive problem. We are our own hell. We wanted the Palladions to feel real, we wanted them to face the same desperations that our species faces. And we wanted them to feel the same powerlessness. That’s why we felt the need to start this season with two simultaneous issues #1. This gives us the correct space to put the Palladions on the same level as the rest of humans.”

Here’s a look at the “White” cover:

And here’s a variant cover plus a preview of the interiors:

A sequel to We Live was originally announced back in February, it’s undergone a name change since then. Both of the first issues for We Live: Age of the Palladions will arrive in stores March 9. If you haven’t read the first series, our own Corey Blake recommends it, saying “The story is exceptionally adept at leaning into tragedy and then swinging back to hope, making for an unpredictable experience that’s hard to put down.”

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