Exclusive Preview | Introducing Archie’s newest rival, Daisy Thunder

Check out a preview of next week’s ‘Archie & Friends: Hot Rod Racing.’

Next week Archie Andrews might need a tune-up as his “oldest rival” returns in Archie & Friends: Hot Rod Racing, which introduces Daisy Thunder to the cast.

The Southside Serpent has a bone to pick with Archie because once upon a time, he ruined her art contest drawing, and now she’s back for revenge. Daisy challenges the Archie gang to a race that’ll go through all the different areas of Riverdale, as the racers pass landmarks like the Mighty Legends of Justice Museum and the haunted Igor Estates.

“Racing and cool cars are such a big part of childhood fantasies and part of Archie lore, and we wanted a new character who evoked that feeling with a little bit of danger,” said Archie Comics Editor-in-Chief Mike Pellerito, who added that the character’s look was inspired by “Evel Knievel, Pinky Tuscadero and Penelope Pitstop.” 

The new story is by Craig Boldman and Steven Butler, and will be accompanied by several classic racing stories.

“Daisy Thunder is a childhood friend of the Riverdale gang — or should we say frenemy? — who moved away when they were very young. Now she’s back!” Boldman said. “In the intervening years, she’s had an amazing life, owing to her father’s career as a globe-hopping professional race car driver. He’s ready to settle down and enjoy a slower pace, but it turns out Daisy’s not wired that way.”

Check out a preview of the new story below, along with a classic racing story by George Gladir and Bill Vigoda.

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Archies collide when ‘Archie Meets Riverdale’ in May

Writer Daniel Kibblesmith and artists Pat and Tim Kennedy will bring the different versions of Archie and the gang together in a new one-shot.

Two versions of Archie Andrews will meet in May when the happy, fun comics version of Archie meets the dark,broody Archie from TV’s Riverdale.

The new one-shot by writer Daniel Kibblesmith and artists Pat and Tim Kennedy will arrive in stores in May.

“Some of the best fun we have here at Archie Comics is when we take two wildly different concepts and jam them together and watch the chaos unfold afterwards,” said Mike Pellerito, Archie Comics’ new editor-in-chief/president. “The cult classic Archie Meets Punisher’ crossover from the 90s is a great example of taking two things that couldn’t be further apart in terms of tone and delivering a story that stands the test of time while holding true to both franchises.”

That’s certainly true; Archie has turned into one of the most flexible characters when it comes to crossovers or simply re-imagining the concepts, whether you’re talking about The CW’s Riverdale, the Archie Horror line or the countless crossovers with everyone from the Punisher to Predator to KISS.

“When the idea of doing a crossover between the classic versions of the Archie Comics characters with the gritty and dramatic Riverdale versions first came up, we knew we had to get someone with a great appreciation for both takes that could deliver everything we were looking for,” Pellerito said. “We’re so thrilled to have Daniel Kibblesmith on board, and together with Archie veterans Pat and Tim Kennedy, they’ve put together a story that is an absolute must-have for all Archie Comics and Riverdale fans!”

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Comics Lowdown | Creators file class action suit against Action Lab Entertainment

Plus: News on TOON Books, Image Comics, Archie’s new editor-in-chief and more!

Nearly 40 creators have signed on for a class action lawsuit against Action Lab Entertainment and Action Lab president Bryan Seaton. Action Lab has published a long list of titles over the years, including Spencer & Locke, Princeless, Jupiter Jet, Midnight Tiger, Molly Danger and many others.

According to ClassAction.org, the 46-page complaint “contends that although Action Lab promised to print, promote and market creators’ works, report quarterly sales and income numbers, properly maintain social media accounts, and generally make a reasonable effort to sell comics, the company has largely done none of these things and even failed to inform creators when its office shut down ‘without reason.’”

Creators listed in the complaint include David Pepose, Rylend Grant, Jorge Santiago Jr., Jeremy Whitley, Ken Marcus, Tom Rogers and many more. You can read the full legal complaint here.

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