R. Kikuo Johnson’s ‘No One Else’ wins the 2022 L.A Times Book Prize

The graphic novel about a family on Maui dealing with grief was published by Fantagraphics last fall.

The Los Angeles Times has awarded R. Kikuo Johnson’s No One Else its annual Book Prize for 2022 in the Graphic Novel/Comics category.

“I once believed that awards were given mostly on merit, but obviously luck and other factors have just as much to do with it, and that makes me even more grateful that the dice rolled my way this time,” Johnson said on Instagram. “The five other finalists made beautiful books that make me proud to be a cartoonist and so thankful to the generation of artists before us who built the doorways that we get to walk through.”

No One Else, which was published by Fantagraphics, was up against four other finalists:

  • Heaven No Hell by Michael DeForge
  • The Waiting by Keum Suk Gendry-Kim, Translated by Janet Hong
  • Shadow Life by Hiromi Goto and Ann Xu
  • Stone Fruit by Lee Lai

You can find the complete list of winners across all categories on the LA Times’ website.

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