Dark Crisis expands with five specials focused on the Justice League members who just died

‘Dark Crisis’ will run through December with multiple tie-ins, crossover issues and more.

DC has revealed more of their plans for Dark Crisis, the big event series spearheaded by Joshua Williamson that kicked off in Justice League #75 with the “death” of several members of the Justice League.

I put “death” in quotes because with this latest announcement, we find out that all those dead Leaguers will appear in a series of specials over the next few months, with the big conclusion to the event expected to land in December.

Here’s a look at what’s been announced thus far:

This handy checklist outlines 25 individual comics that will make up the event — or, the 25 that have been revealed so far (there could always be more). The list calls out three issues of the Flash’s regular series, but otherwise everything seems to fit into the regular Dark Crisis series and accompanying miniseries + specials.

They include:

  • The Dark Crisis #0 Free Comic Book Day issue, which you can get this Saturday at participating retailers.
  • The previously announced Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis #1, which features multiple writers and artists setting the stage for the event in a world without the Justice League.
  • The main Dark Crisis series, which will run for seven issues and is written by Williamson, featuring art by Daniel Sampere, colors by Alejandro Sánchez and lettering by Tom Napolitano.
  • A Young Justice series that was announced a few weeks ago, which is by the creative team of Meghan Fitzmartin and Laura Braga, that “will catapult the team into a crisis all their own, even as they do their part to fight the greater threats of the event.”
  • Five World Without a Justice League specials, featuring the various dead members of the Justice League, listed below.
  • Dark Crisis: War Zone #1, a one-shot that we know is written by Williamson and comes out at the tail end of the event.

The five World Without a Justice League specials include:

  • Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League – Superman #1 – Tom King (w) and Chris Burnham (a); Aquaman backup by Brandon Thomas (w) and Fico Ossio (a). Comes out in July.
  • Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League – Green Lantern #1 – Phillip Kennedy Johnson (w) and Fernando Blanco (a); Hawkgirl backup by Nadia Shammas (w) and Jack Herbert (a) Comes out in August.
  • Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League – Wonder Woman #1 – Tini Howard (w) and Leila Del Duca (a); Martian Manhunter backup by Dan Watters (w) and Bandon Peterson (a). Comes out in September.
  • Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League – Green Arrow #1 – Stephanie Phillips (w) and Clayton Henry (a); Black Canary backup by Dennis Culver (w) and Nik Virella (a). Comes out in October.
  • Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League – Batman #1 – Si Spurrier (w) and Ryan Sook (a); Zatanna backup by Meghan Fitzmartin (w) and Rebecca Isaacs (a). Comes out in November.

DC also revealed a couple of interesting variant covers for the project, starting with this one for Dark Crisis #1 from Jim Lee and Alex Sinclair that pays tribute to the original Crisis on Infinite Earths:

The final issue of the series, Dark Crisis #7, will have a variant cover that features artwork created to celebrate Crisis on Infinite Earths artist George Perez:

A special version of the George Pérez Dark Crisis #7 variant will be available for sale by The Hero Initiative to raise funds for one of Pérez’s favorite charities.

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