Terry Moore’s ‘Parker Girls’ coming in August

The new series spins out of ‘Strangers in Paradise.’

I missed this when it was first announced, but Strangers in Paradise creator Terry Moore has announced his next series, Parker Girls, which will feature some familiar faces.

The Strangers in Paradise spin-off will feature appearances by several characters from that series, including Tambi, Cherry Hammer, Becky The Gun Girl, Stephanie and Katchoo, according to the creator. Several of them also appeared in the crossover series Five Years, which also featured characters from other Moore comics like Rachel Rising and Echo.

The first issue will come with a standard and variant cover:

Moore is also offering subscriptions to the entire 10-issue series through his website.

The title, Parker Girls, refers to the group of women employed by Darcy Parker, which included many of the listed woman, as part of her crime syndicate. Moore promises to introduce a new member of the group who he says is “B. A. D. Bad.” Parker served as one of the main antagonists of SiP, was a former lover of Katchoo and also was sister to David from SiP. She didn’t make it out of the series alive, so it’ll be interesting to see when this new series is set.

Look for the first issue of 10 in August.

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