Halloween comes early for Archie Comics in August

Lil’ Jinx hosts an Archie Horror one-shot, while a classic Archie story revisits the world of “Mirrordale.”

Archie Comics is starting the Halloween festivities early this year — well, early for most people. My wife actually starts decorating for Halloween at the beginning of September, and she’d probably go even earlier if I let her.

But I digress — Archie’s solicitations bring news of three Halloween-themed projects for the publisher. First up is Jinx’s Grim Fairy Tales, an anthology of spooky stories hosted by Lil’ Jinx, a character created in 1946 by Joe Edwards.

“Jinx is a character we’ve been wanting to explore more and we’re so excited we finally get the chance to . . . and what better way than having her as the cool babysitter who scares kids with creepy stories?” said Jamie L. Rotante, Archie’s senior director of editorial . “I mean, her name is JINX, how perfect is that? We were so happy we were able to blend the framework of spooky fairy tales and Jinx as our eager narrator and protagonist.”

Variant cover by Francesco Francavilla

The Archie Horror title will feature a framing sequence by Magdalene Visaggio and Craig Cermak, in which “babysitter Jinx keeps her unruly charges in line by sharing some especially grim moralistic fairy tales.” Visaggio and Cermak also tell one of those sinister stories, “The True Story of Cantanella.” They will be joined by writer/actor James III and Eva Cabrera, who contribute “Suzie & the Monkey’s Paw,” and by Joe Corallo and Evan Stanley for “Will the Real Sorcerer Please Stand Up?”

“Archie is such a wild universe,” James III said. “They have the most wholesome comics under the sun as well as some of the most gruesome horror imaginable. There’s a darkness, a shadow hovering over my story.”

Here’s a look at the comics’ main cover, by Vic Malhotra:

cover by Vic Malhotra


Teen Jinx Holliday is Riverdale’s go-to babysitter. The (often unruly) kids that she watches over always change, seemingly for the better. The key to her success? Her book of unique fairy tales, all of which tell a moralistic story—usually grim, gruesome ones that frighten the children with Jinx as the star of each and every one. What sinister, I mean, serious lessons will she teach her wards?
Script: Magdalene Visaggio, James III, Joe Corallo Art: Craig Cermak, Evan Stanley, Eva Cabrera
Colors: Matt Herms
Letters: Jack Morelli Cover: Vic Malhotra Variant Cover: Francesco Francavilla On Sale Date: 8/1732-page, full color comic $3.99 U.S.

If you’re looking for something that’s more fun than frightening, Archie has a couple of options featuring classic material coming in August. First up is Archie & Friends: Thrills and Chills, which will have a new story by J. Torres and Rex Lindsey:

A BRAND NEW STORY kicks off this collection of tales thrill rides, exciting adventures, and odd occurrences! In “Return to Mirrordale,” a house of mirrors on the Riverdale boardwalk piques everyone’s interest. When no one listens to Archie’s advice to avoid this familiar haunt, Betty, Veronica, and Reggie all go in to encounter obnoxious and opposite versions of themselves! Will they be able to escape as themselves, or will their bizarro mirror-world versions take over?

Script: J. Torres
Art: Rex Lindsey Cover: Dan Parent On Sale Date: 8/10 32-page, full color comic $2.99 U.S.

There’s also a 500+ pages collection of stories featuring Sabrina, in honor of her 60th birthday (she looks so young — must be the witchcraft!):

Celebrate 60 years of Sabrina the Teenage Witch with this fun, full-color commemorative collection of magical and mischievous stories! Sabrina: 60 Magical Stories collects over 500 pages of classic and beloved comic book stories—the best from each of the six spell-binding decades of Sabrina’s history. The must-have collector’s item also features special behind-the-scenes and fan-centric anecdotes that shed light on each decade and iteration of Sabrina. This spellbinding tome is the perfect companion to 2021’s fan-favorite Best of Archie Comics: 80 Years, 80 Stories collection!

Script: Various Art: Various Cover: Dan DeCarlo 978-1-64576-895-1$14.99 US / $18.99 CAN5 ¼ x 7 ½ ”512 pp, Full Color TPB Direct Market On-Sale Date: 8/31

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