Quick Hits | Remembering Tim Sale

Plus: News on Comixology, Mark Russell, Michael Allred, Tillie Walden, TCAF, Jerry Craft and Ric Flair!

Passings | Via Tim Sale’s Twitter account comes word that the 66-year-old artist died of kidney failure.

“He was sick for years and was even in the hospital since May 24. He was a private person and never wanted to worry all of you, but his death was neither preventable or unexpected. Tim was a wonderful man and simply didn’t want to cause any unnecessary stress to his friends and fans,” the statement says.

Many have posted remembrances of the Long Halloween artist since his death last week. At The Comics Journal, Joseph McCabe posts an in-depth obituary. Augie De Blieck looks back at several of Sale’s comics, including Batman: The Long Halloween. And artist Elsa Charretier shares a post on Substack titled “I wouldn’t be drawing comics if not for Tim Sale.”

Digital Comics | Writing for Popverse, Graeme McMillan spoke to several publishers about how Comixology’s recent changes — and the subsequent reactions by users — have impacted their digital comics sales. “While a number of publishers maintain that it’s still too early to judge the true impact of Amazon’s absorption of Comixology – representatives for multiple companies told me they didn’t have enough sales data to make a statement just yet – others are reporting that, despite the prevalent doomsaying of many industry watchers, sales have already bounced back to pre-changeover numbers.”

Interviews | At Newsarama, Samantha Puc speaks with Mark Russell and Mike Allred about their upcoming DC miniseries Superman: Space Age.

Interviews | Writing for Polygon, Rosie Knight talks with Tillie Walden about the first volume of Clementine, the Walking Dead tie-in graphic novel that arrived in stores on Wednesday.

Interviews | At ComicBook.com, Connor Casey speaks with Scout Comics President James Haick and professional wrestling legend Ric Flair about the upcoming comic Codename: Ric Flair.

Events | Writing for Publisher’s Weekly, Brigid Alverson files a convention report on last weekend’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

Events | The Houston Chronicle reports that Jerry Craft, whose graphic novel New Kid was once banned by the Katy, Texas Independent School District, will speak at a local bookstore about his work. Raven White, the owner of the Brown Sugar bookstore, is one of the people who launched a counter-initiative when the book was banned. White said Craft is coming to show appreciation to the community that supported him, even after the district banned his work.

Lists | Book Riot lists “8 Fiction Books about Comics and the Comics Industry,” a list that includes works by Alex Segura, Michael Chabon, Faith Erin Hicks and more.

Awards | Dean Simon reports on the recipients of Germany’s Max and Moritz Awards. The winner of best German-language comic, Work-Life Balance by Aisha Franz, will be available in English from Drawn and Quarterly next year.

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