Chip Mosher leaves Comixology Originals

Bryce Gold will take over as head of the digital comics imprint.

Comixology’s Chip Mosher, who spearheaded their Comixology Originals line and grew it into what it is today, has announced he’s leaving Amazon at the end of this week.

“After 11 years, I’ve decided it’s time for a change and this will be my last week at Comixology,” he said on Twitter. “It’s been an amazing decade+ for me & I’m grateful to have been able to be part of the company’s growth. In particular, it’s been an honor pioneering the Comixology Originals program.”

Under Mosher’s leadership, Comixology Originals has brought original, digital-first comics to the platform by creators like Scott Snyder, Spike Trotman, Curt Pires, Chip Zdarsky, Alex Segura, Rachel Pollack and many more — and then later to print through an arrangement with Dark Horse. He also worked with the Harvey Kurtzman Estate bring Marley’s Ghost to fruition, a “lost” graphic novel by the creator that went on to win an Eisner Award.

Before Comixology Originals launched, Mosher served as their head of marketing and PR, and prior to that was at BOOM! Studios in a similar role. He’s a comics veteran with a lot of knowledge and a good reputation with creators, so it’ll be interesting to see what he does next.

Mosher follows the departure of former CEO and co-founder David Steinberger, who left Comixology for a new position at Amazon earlier this year — only to announce he has left Amazon as well a few days ago:

So that’s two very public faces of Comixology who have now left Amazon completely. It’s been a rough few months for Comixology, following the integration of their app and website into the larger Amazon ecosystem, which has not been smooth. But there is some good news for them: Comixology followed Mosher’s announcement with their own about the new head of Comixology Originals, Bryce Gold.

“With this change comes new opportunities for others, and we’re pleased to share that Bryce Gold, who has played a key role in CO for the past year, will Lead the Comixology Originals program,” Comixology said on Twitter.

In addition to his work with Comixology Originals, Gold is also the man behind Pyrite Press, a small press publisher that has publsihed books by Leland Goodman, Alex Krokus, Kelsey Wroten, Haejin Park and many others. One insider I spoke to called him “the future of comics publishing,” so this will give him a chance to shine. Many CO creators seem to agree:

From Zdarsky, in his Substack newsletter:

For those who don’t know, Chip headed up the ComiXology Originals program, which published Afterlift and is currently publishing The Allnighter. Chip is, by far, the best, most supportive person I’ve met in comics. The guy looks out for creators and just LOVE COMICS. Much like with Image, Jason Loo and I own our books with ComiXology because Chip believes in creator rights and made a home for them both at ComiXology and at Dark Horse for the later print editions.

It was Chip’s passion for comics and getting people to read them that secured us our Eisner win for Afterlift, I’m sure of it. That Eisner is Chip’s as much as it is any of us who worked on the book, but I’m not going to give him my trophy are you crazy

Anyway, wherever Chip goes next, I’ll follow. Especially if it’s a vacation. He deserves it! And so do I, dammit!!!

Also, just so you know, ComiXology Originals is in excellent hands with Bryce Gold! Bryce has comics in his veins and I’ve got no doubt that the line will continue to grow under him! Expect more Chip (Zdarsky) comics through ComiXology!!

As for the future of Comixology Originals, it sounds like we’ll learn more in San Diego next month:

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