GlobalComix adds Valiant comics to their library

The growing digital comics platform adds 1,600 new comics from the publisher to their library.

GlobalComix has announced they’ve entered into a partnership with Valiant Entertainment, bringing more than 1,600 comics — including Faith, Eternal Warrior, Shadowman and more — to the digital comics platform.

“Since its foundation in 1989, Valiant Entertainment’s deep character development and rich storytelling have been hallmarks of the Valiant Universe,” said Christopher Carter, CEO & Founder of GlobalComix. “It’s that attention and care that has made Valiant Entertainment one of the most successful publishers in the history of comics. We are honored to partner with them to bring the Valiant Universe to comics fans around the world through GlobalComix.”

The news follows another recent release from GlobalComix, which touted that since the beginning of 2022, the GlobalComix digital library has grown to more than 12,500 published books, with more than 110 publishers and more than 1,000 creators publishing content. The interface to upload new comics gets high marks from creators.

You can find all the new Valiant additions to the site here. They join AWA Studios, Heavy Metal, Mad Cave, Humanoids and several other publishers on the platform.

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