Spider-Man’s gonna have a busy Fall

Marvel reveals more about the upcoming ‘Dark Web’ event, plus Gold Goblin, Hallow’s Eve and more.

As the temperatures cool down, the Spider-Verse will heat up — in San Diego this week, Marvel shared details on several Spider-Man related titles and events that will keep the wall-crawler busy through the end of the year.

First let’s talk about Dark Web, the Spider-Man/X-Men crossover event spearheaded by Zeb Wells that involves the Goblyn Queen and Chasm, aka Ben Reilly. The story will begin in “prelude” issues throughout November (in Amazing Spider-Man, for example), followed by December’s Dark Web Alpha #1 where Wells will be joined by Adam Kubert to kick things off in earnest. From there, the story continues in Amazing Spider-Man as well as various tie-in one-shots and limited series.  

Marvel released the cover for Dark Web Alpha, by Ryan Stegman. Here’s his line art:

And here it is colored:

Dark Web Alpha #1 by Ryan Stegman

Amazing Spider-Man #13 and #14 lead into the event; here’s a look at issue #13, which is by Wells and John Romita Jr.:

cover by John Romita Jr.

Here’s the description: “Hobgoblin’s story comes to a chilling end, and no one is going to be rocked harder by it than Norman Osborn! Witness the birth of the Gold Goblin! What does this mean for our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man?!” 

More on the Gold Goblin in a moment. Then in issue #14, Wells is joined by artists Michael Dowling and Kyle Hotz for a story that brings Ben Reilly, now called Chasm, back into the fold.

cover by John Romita Jr.

According to Marvel, “The issue will also introduce a brand-new villain shrouded in mystery: Hallows’ Eve. Set to plan a pivotal role in the event, fans can get their first glimpse at Hallows’ Eve and her killer design in a variant cover by Ed McGuinness. The superstar artist recently graced the pages of Amazing Spider-Man for this week’s 900th issue and will return to the title for the upcoming Dark Web tie-in issues.”

Take a look at Hallow’s Eve:

variant cover by Ed McGuinness

She’s not the only new character being introduced in Dark Web. There’s also Gold Goblin, the new persona for Norman Osborn:

cover by Taurin Clarke

Writer Christopher Cantwell and artist Lan Medina will launch a Gold Goblin tie-in limited series during Dark Web that “sets up a new status quo for Norman Osborn.”

During Nick Spencer’s run on the title, Norman’s sins were “cleansed” by Sin-Eater, in one of those “don’t ask, just go with it” moments that seemed to define Spencer’s time on the title. But now the former Green Goblin has decided to become a superhero, which we’ve seen before.

Gold Goblin #1 will come out Nov. 2, with a cover by Taurin Clarke. Dark Web Alpha #1 comes out in December.

But Dark Web isn’t the only thing going on in Spider-Man’s life this Fall. There’s also this:

cover by Josemaria Casanovas

The previously announced Edge of Spider-Verse #1 comes out next month, featuring the debut of Spider-Rex. Marvel announced that they have some Spider-Rex videos planned for their YouTube channel in September, so be on the lookout for those.

We also know that Dan Slott and Mark Bagley will return to Spider-Man in October with a new comic simply titled Spider-Man. Here’s Mark Bagley’s cover for the second issue, which continues the “End of Spider-Verse” story and brings back the villainous Shathra. It’s out in November.

Finally, here’s Rahzzah’s cover for Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2, which features the return of the New Mutants‘ Demon Bear in a story by Taboo, B. Eal and Juan Ferreyra. It also comes out in November.

So, you have Dark Webs, Goblyn Queens,, evil clones, demon bears and whatever the hell Shathra is … yep, Spider-Man’s gonna be lucky to make it to Christmas.

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