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Here are five minicomics you can buy, read and vote for in this year’s Ignatz Awards.

Three Things spotlights, as the title states, three comic things. Usually it’s three things with links, no more, no less. Today, however, it is more, because it’s Five Things.

(Art up top by Alexander Laird)

To vote for: Your favorite Ignatz-nominated minicomics

On Sunday I ran down the five comics nominated in the “Outstanding Online Comic” category for the 2022 Ignatz Awards. With voting open to anyone on the internet, my assumption is that folks would like to make informed choices on their ballots, and webcomics are the most easily accessible comics out there, right? Just give me a URL and off I go.

But that got me thinking about some of the other categories, and whether it would be easy to read everything nominated. With the graphic novel category, for example, it would be easy enough for the ambitious sort to hunt down all five nominees, whether that’s via a good local book store or comic shop, or, of course, through online ordering. But the minicomics category might be a little more challenging, so here’s a rundown of where you can find all five of the nominees.

Summer Pierre was probably thinking the same thing when she decided to put her nominated minicomic, Carrington’s World, up on her website for free. You can read the whole thing there, but it’ll only be up through the Ignatz Awards. So hurry!

What’s the next best thing to getting a whole comic for free? How about half a comic? Maritsa Patrinos sells her nominated comic, Joy, on her website; it’s 20 pages long, but she’s put 10 of those pages up for preview purposes.

Phonestoned by King Ray is also available for purchase from the creator on their web store. They’ve included a few sample pages, but I’d also recommend checking out their Instagram account to get an idea of what their art looks like.

Pee Pee Poo Poo #69 — the greatest title ever, according to my inner 12 year old –is by Caroline Cash. It can be purchased on the Cash Only Big Cartel site.

Finally, Sleemor Gank – Burg Land 1 is by Alexander Laird and can be bought on the Silver Sprocket website. It’s a 65 page scifi/fantasy comic that debuted last year.

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