Tynion + Blanco’s new horror series ‘Worldtr33’ explores ‘the secret architecture beneath the internet’

The new series launches next spring, with a preview appearing in the ‘Image! 30th anniversary anthology next month.

Image Comics has announced W0rldtr33, a new series that will spin out of next month’s Image! Anthology #8. James Tynion IV and his Razorblades collaborator Fernando Blanco will venture into the “secret architecture beneath the internet,” which turns out to be a place filled with unimaginable horrors, kind of like the real internet at times.

Tynion and Blanco will be joined by colorist Jordie Bellaire and letterer Aditya Bidikar for the ongoing series, which Tynion said he hopes will run for several years.

W0rldtr33 is a horror epic that’s been festering in the back of my brain for the better part of five years. I couldn’t be more thrilled to bring this story to life at Image Comics,” said Tynion IV. “I can’t wait to show the world what Fernando, Jordie, Aditya, and I have been building for you.”

Here’s the description of Worldtr33 from Image:

In 1999, Gabriel, Amanda, Liam, Yoshi, and Darren discovered what they dubbed the Undernet—a secret architecture beneath the internet. They charted their exploration of the Undernet on a private message board called W0rldtr33. Then they lost control. And unleashed unimaginable horrors.

Tynion shared a few more details about the series in his Substack newsletter.

Spiritually, it’s the successor to one of my earliest creator-owned books, MEMETIC. Tonally, it’s probably closest to NICE HOUSE, but with a bit more blood and action. It’s a horror story about technology, and it has been in my head for about five years, and I am so fucking excited that it’s finally going to start coming out in stores. I keep thinking of it as my big horror novel. It’s a BIG story, a sprawling ongoing epic that if we do our jobs right, will run for several years, building toward a singular ending. It’s my first ongoing, creator-owned horror comic launch since Nice House on the Lake last summer.

A preview of the new series will arrive in next month’s issue of Image!, the anthology that the publisher launched to celebrate its 30th anniversary. That issue will feature a cover by Andrea Mutti, as well as a Jack Staff story by Paul Grist, more of Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba’s Casanova and “Closer,” a new story by Kieron Gillen and Steve Lieber, among other stories. Here’s Mutti’s cover:

The Worldtr33 ongoing will kick off next spring.

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