Bendis launches new content + a new comic on Jinxworld on Substack

The creator has added paid tiers to his newsletter and will offer a new ‘Fortune and Glory’ story and comics classes through it.

Although he’s had a free newsletter on Substack for awhile now, writer (and comics instructor) Brian Michael Bendis has announced plans to offer paid tiers with additional content through the platform.

That additional content will includes an educational series of videos titled Creation: The Series that will serve as a multimedia sequel to his Words for Pictures book that offers instructions on writing for comics. He’s also planning a series of videos with artist Taki Soma called Masterclass that will “pass on some of the very best and hardest lessons learned” during their time in the comics field. And if you’re looking for comics, Bendis has you covered — he plans to syndicate the sequel to Fortune and Glory through Substack, which is titled Fortune and Glory: The Musical.

If you aren’t familiar with Fortune and Glory, it was a three-issue miniseries (and, later, collection) that Oni Press published around the turn of the century. Bendis wrote and drew the story of how he tried to break into Hollywood by writing screenplays of his various graphic novels, like Torso and Jinx. It was nominated for several Eisner awards when it came out.

Bendis won’t be drawing the sequel; instead he’s recruited artist Bill Walko. And the setting this time around won’t be Hollywood — it’ll actually be Broadway, as the story recounts Bendis’ work on the ill-fated Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

“I realized that I could do a Fortune and Glory sequel about my time on the Spider-Man musical, which I hadn’t shared with anyone. And it’s good stuff. I was involved for two solid weeks. And it’s going to a 400-page graphic novel. That’s how much happened,” Bendis said when Alex Dueben interviewed him last year. Note that he may (or may not) have been joking about the “400-page” part. I guess we’ll find out!

The paid tiers are available now; $5 a month or $50 a year will get you access to the content outlined above, plus more, while for $250 a year you can subscribe at the “Phenomena” level and receive a private consultation with Bendis and the Jinxworld box, which includes a T-shirt, a poster and rare variant covers. Visit Jinxworld on Substack for more info.

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