Sunday Comics | Opening the ‘Gates of Hell’

Check out recent webcomics from Dennis Culver, Yuki Saeki, Will Tempest, Grant Snider, Ryan Cody and Joshua Barkman.

Here’s a round up of some of the best comics we’ve seen online recently. If we missed something, let us know in the comments below.

Dennis Culver and Yuki Saeki launched one of my favorite new webcomics back in October — Gates of Hell, which is available on Webtoon. It’s about a teenage girl, Jennifer, who is dealing with the grief of losing her mom. As a result. she ends up opening a portal to the underworld to say all those things to her mom that she meant to say when she was alive.

But instead of finding her mom, she instead meets a hunky devil lord:

She not only lost her mom, but is also having issues at school with her old cheer squad. He’s got issues of his own, having lost his mom during childbirth, and what with his dad being Lucifer and all. So they bond in a Romeo & Juliet kind of way, if Romeo was a prince of Hell and Juliet had to sacrifice a mouse every day to see him. Check it out and add it to your “to read” pile.

Another webcomic I discovered recently is Harsh Prospect by Will Tempest. He’s got a lovely website set up where you can read it, and recently he began syndicating it on Webtoon as well. It’s a science fiction story, set in a space colony on a desolate world and featuring a couple who discover “a blob of goo.”

Tempest is five chapters in, and has a slow burn thing going right now as he builds out the world and this situation the main characters have found themselves in. I love the way he draws nature and the designs for this colony, so I’m looking forward to seeing where this one goes.

I believe I mentioned Old Man Thunderpunch last month when Ryan Cody started posting it on various social media accounts, as a part of #paneltober. He completed his story, and now he’s made the whole thing available to download as a PDF. And if you like it, then hey — leave him a tip on PayPal.

Speaking of October, Joshua Barkman’s False Knees is typically a four-panel comic strip featuring various animals doing funny things, but for October Barkman told a longer, 31-day story featuring his trademark animals and something of extraterrestrial origins. You can read it all on his website or on Webtoon.

Finally, with all the various “comictober” projects ended, it’s time to turn to November — which is Poetry Comics Month according to Grant Snider. He’s been posting new comics poems on his Incidental Comics website, including the above one to kick everything off. I haven’t seen a lot of other poetry comics just yet, but if anyone does, please share them in the comments below.

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