Marjorie Liu + Sana Takeda win a World Fantasy Award

The sixth volume of ‘Monstress’ adds another trophy to an already full shelf for the creative duo.

Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda have been awarded a World Fantasy Award for Monstress Volume Six: The Vow.

The winners of the 2022 World Fantasy Awards were announced this weekend at the World Fantasy Convention, which took place in New Orleans.

In the “Special Award – Professional” category, the two creators were up against a strange mix of nominees — including a podcast, a guide to storytelling by Charlie Jane Anders and publisher Irene Gallo. Unlike a lot of other science fiction and fantasy literary awards programs, the World Fantasy Awards don’t have a dedicated category for comics or graphic novels.

Monstress, published by Image Comics, is no stranger to awards, having won several Hugo, Eisner, Harvey and British Fantasy Awards in the past. I haven’t done the math, but my guess is it’s one of the winning-est comic series in recent memory, especially with the fantasy crowd. Liu and Takeda recently released Night Eaters: She Eats the Night, the first in a new series of graphic novels that I’m sure we’ll see on nominations lists in the near future.

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