Three Things | David Petersen, Council of Frogs, Sonic Frontiers

Here are three things to read, to support and to download in comics today.

Three Things spotlights, as the title states, three things from comics today. It’ll be three things with links, no more, no less. Don’t call it a comeback.

1. To read: David Petersen’s The Amazing Screw-On Head fan comic from 2004

Mouse Guard creator David Petersen posted a blast from his past to his blog this week — a fan comic he made for Mike Mignola’s The Amazing Screw-On Head with Maija Graham.

“Back in 2004 I was an active member of the Hellboy forums on CBR,” he said in his post. “We had a great community who were fans of Mike Mignola’s work, but also a support community for our various hobbies, crafts, and artwork. A group of us decided it would be fun to put together a web-only fan comic, a few pairs each working on a short story of a Mignola creation.”

Petersen talks a bit about the technique he used to create this unique story — he drew and painted each panel separately, and then added the borders and text in Photoshop. This would have been a couple years before Mouse Guard hit the shelves, but you can see the care and skill he put into the story — much like he would do in all his later work.

2. To support: The Council of Frogs by Matt Emmons

Admittedly I’m coming at you with this one a little later than I’d like, as there are only about 20 hours left in its campaign. And it’s already blown by its campaign goal, but it was too good to pass by.

It’s a new graphic novel, The Council of Frogs, from Matt Emmons, and it’s about a frog –armed with a tiny sword and a dandelion hat — who heads out on a quest to save his family.

The Council of Frogs has been a story I’ve been brewing for the last two years after accidentally stumbling into the idea of a corpse that takes care of some frogs,” Emmons said. “It’s a glimpse into a world where magic was once common but in the wake of the expansion of kingdoms of men, it has since become scarce. Few practice it and even fewer are accepting of anything magically inclined, frogs included.”

Emmons has done several short comics that are available via his webstore, and he was also the editor behind the Dagger Dagger anthology a few years back. Your time is limited here, so go check out the campaign page.

2. To download: Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Convergence

So the big news at my house this week — at least for the 10-year-old occupant — is the release of the video game Sonic Frontiers. You’d think there was a new Marvel movie coming out this week (oh wait, there is!) given the excitement level here. And I got to play the hero this week by sharing Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Convergence, the prequel comic to the game by Ian Flynn and Evan Stanley. This took our nightly before-bed comics reading to a whole other level on Monday. You can download a copy for your own Sonic fan (or yourself) on Comixology or on IDW’s site.

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