The Corinthian faces venture capitalists in a new ‘Nightmare Country’ miniseries next year

The Sandman Universe series by James Tynion IV and Lisandro Estherren returns.

Nightmare Country, the Sandman Universe series featuring The Corinthian, will return next year as another miniseries — Nightmare Country: The Glass House. James Tynion IV and Lisandro Estherren, who worked on the previous series, will return.

“I’m thrilled to announce that Nightmare Country’s follow-up miniseries, The Glass House, is coming early in 2023,” said Tynion. “The Corinthian is going to be making his way to Silicon Valley, where he will go head-to-head with angels, demons and a breed of creature far more terrifying that anything he’s faced before—venture capitalists. Lisandro and I are excited to continue this nightmare tour through modern America and can’t wait for you all to see what we’ve got in store for you.”

Nightmare Country: The Glass House #1 cover by Reiko Murakami

Artist Reiko Murakami is back to provide covers for the new series, with issue #1 shown above and issue #2 shown below:

Nightmare Country: The Glass House #2 cover by Reiko Murakami

Before the next Nightmare Country miniseries awakens, however, DC will resurrect the Dead Boy Detectives in a new miniseries that was announced in September. Writer Pornsak Pichetshote says that miniseries will feed directly into The Corinthian’s next adventure.

“The brilliance of The Sandman is how seamlessly it fits different genres, histories, and folklores together,” said Pichetshote. “Despite Thessaly the witch being a big player in James and Lisandro’s Nightmare Country, Dead Boy Detectives can still progress her story while telling this very personal horror tale about Thai ghosts in Los Angeles—in events that will go on and feed directly back into Nightmare Country. Doing that—the best parts of shared universe storytelling while telling boundary-pushing, yet still intimate, stories—it’s such a testament to the genius of The Sandman Universe.”

The first issues of Dead Boy Detectives and the new Nightmare Country miniseries will also share something else — connecting variant covers with foil treatment by Yoshitaka Amano:

Finally, DC also announced that the first Nightmare Country miniseries will be collected in both hardcover and softcover editions, with different covers:

The hardcover will include a mini-print of Death illustrated by artist Jenny Frison:

Look for the hardcover, softcover and first issue of Glass House next April. Dead Boy Detectives kicks off in December.

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