Emma Kubert’s ‘Stoneheart’ will debut from Image Comics next March

Kubert will write, draw and letter the new ongoing series.

The very busy Emma Kubert — artist of two comics that debuted earlier this week, Frank Miller’s Pandora and Radiant Pink — has another project lined up to debut at Image Comics next year. Kubert will write, draw and letter Stoneheart, a new action/adventure fantasy series.

Stoneheart introduces a new perspective on the hero’s journey and a deep dive into our capabilities of great good and great evil. I began this series simply as a catharsis to help me deal with the many worldly problems my generation is facing today, but it slowly culminated into a confrontation of my inner monologue,” Kubert said. “The art, the writing and the lettering is all a reflection of myself and my dedication to the  industry and craft. Through humor, adventure, excitement, action, and love, Stoneheart confronts our inner self-worth and creates an entirely new fantasy; a fantasy where we strive for peace.” 

Here’s the description from Image:

In Stoneheart, the bubbly and headstrong Shayde Whisper has been inexplicably exiled from her magical guild and relocated—left only with vague memories and romanticized hope. But when she hears a sinister voice in her head that awakens a power beyond her comprehension, she’ll traverse her past and present to unravel her prestigious place within the mystical land of Athea! 

And here’s a preview of Kubert’s interiors:

The first issue arrives in stores March 8.

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