Liefeld returns to Marvel for ‘Deadpool: Badder Blood’

The sequel to ‘Bad Blood” continues the tale of Deadpool and new villain Thumper.

What’s badder than Bad Blood? How about Badder Blood? Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld will return to one of his signature characters for a new five-issue sequel to the graphic novel Deadpool: Bad Blood.

That graphic novel introduced a new nemesis for Wade Wilson, the mysterious Thumper. Liefeld will continue to build out Thumper’s story in Deadpool: Badder Blood.

“Deadpool really doesn’t have a Rogues Gallery of his own. He mostly tangles with other heroes’ villains, so I dedicated the entirety of Bad Blood to building up the story of Thumper,” Liefeld told The Hollywood Reporter. “With Badder Blood, Thumper is making moves across the gangs and crime organizations of the Marvel Universe to squeeze Deadpool and deliver him into his clutches. Thumper is also moving to destroy all the scientists behind the Weapon X program and specifically the program that created him. It’s a romp that continues to build out a Rogues Gallery for Deadpool.”

The miniseries will also feature appearances by Spider-Man, Cable and Wolverine, as well as introduce even more new villains:

Deadpool’s upcoming mission will also raise the stakes of Deadpool’s intense feud with his adversary known as Thumper, revealing surprising details about the deadly killer’s origin along the way. Additionally, fans will be introduced to brand-new Liefeld created characters including the mysterious warrior Shatterstorm, Killville, and Arcata!  

Here’s a look at some of the interior artwork:

The miniseries will debut next June.

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