Young + Ramos’ Strange Academy story will wrap up with ‘Strange Academy: Finals’ #6

The creators set out to tell a 24-issue story, with the final issue arriving in April.

In an interview on and in his Substack newsletter, Strange Academy writer Skottie Young has revealed that the story he and Humberto Ramos set out to tell will come to an end with issue #6 of Strange Academy: Finals.

“We made it to the end,” Young told “We planned this as a 24-issue story with a very specific set of goals in mind and we’ve made it!”

The first series, Strange Academy, launched in March of 2020 and ran for 18 issues, until this past summer. It introduced the titular institution, a school for young magicians started by Doctor Strange and featuring mystical instructors from around the Marvel universe, including Magik, Agatha Harkness and the Scarlet Witch. Bu the real focus was on the students, a set of new characters created by Young and Ramos. It returned in the Mighty Marvel fashion with a new title and a new first issue in October as Strange Academy: Finals.

“After I got the initial concept for the idea of a Marvel Magic School approved, it was time to actually build a plan for the series,” Young said in his newsletter. “As I went away and starting outlining it felt like I could tell the story I wanted to tell in 24 issues. I pitched that to editors and they gave the thumbs up! I did have one very big caveat. I wanted this book to be 100% drawn by Humberto from Issue #1, page 1 to Issue #24, page 20. No rotating with another artist. Just him and I along with Nick and the rest of our editors crushing the story for the whole run. That was a very BIG ask with today’s shipping schedules but Marvel was awesome and gave that the thumbs up as well.”

Here’s a few preview pages from issue #3, which came out today:

Issue #6, which wraps up the series, will arrive in April.

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