Emily Carroll’s ‘A Guest in the House’ will haunt your dreams in August

First Second will publish the new graphic novel by a contemporary horror master.

Horror fans take note — Emily Carroll’s next project will arrive from First Second in August.

A Guest in the House is about a woman who marries a widower and moves in with him and his daughter, only to become haunted by the memory of his dead wife — and obsessed with finding out what really happened to her.

Here’s the description from the publisher:

After many lonely years, Abby’s just gotten married. She met her new husband—a recently widowed dentist—when he arrived in town with his young daughter, seeking a new start. Although it’s strange living in the shadow of her predecessor, Abby does her best to be a good wife and mother. But the more she learns about her new husband’s first wife, the more things don’t add up. And Abby starts to wonder … was Sheila’s death really by natural causes? As Abby sinks deeper into confusion, Sheila’s memory seems to become a force all its own, ensnaring Abby in a mystery that leaves her obsessed, fascinated, and desperately in love for the first time in her life.

Here’s a preview:

If you aren’t familiar with Carroll, she is an award-winning creator who has been making horror comics for more than a decade now, and first came into prominence for her short webcomics. “His Face All Red” is still a strong contender for those lists of “the best horror comics” you’ll see around Halloween. You can find her work in print in the collection Through the Woods and the original graphic novel When I Arrived at the Castle.

First Second will publish A Guest in the House on Aug. 15.

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