‘Day of Blood’ flows through IDW’s Star Trek titles this summer

Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Christopher Cantwell and Mike Feehan will kick off the crossover event on Free Comic Book Day.

Two of IDW’s ongoing Star Trek titles will come together for a crossover event later this year — Star Trek: Day of Blood. The story will kick off in IDW’s Free Comic Book Day issue on May 6, then run through issues of Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant.

Prelude to Day of Blood, the Free Comic Book Day issue, will be co-written by Star Trek writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, and Star Trek: Defiant writer Christopher Cantwell. Mike Feehan will provide the art.

“I’ve been nothing short of ecstatic to be a part of this new, larger Star Trek initiative at IDW,” says Cantwell. “There were moments in our writers’ room with Jackson and Collin where I couldn’t believe we were really doing this—not just telling one Star Trek story but weaving together multiple Trek stories at the same time, with plotlines from Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant converging. We threw all our boldest ideas and best character pairings into a story of pure chaos, starship battles, and real epic dramatic resonance you can only achieve in the scope of comics.”

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Betty + Veronica ditch the Archies to form Rock Candi

The Riverdale music scene will never be the same.

Move over, Mary Janes — there’s a new band of girl rockers set to shred your comics. In a story written and drawn by Holly G!, Betty and Veronica have quit The Archies and teamed up with drummer Jola Kitt to form a new band, Rock Candi. 

It all goes down in Betty & Veronica Friends Forever: Rock ‘N’ Roll in March.

Joined by Bob Smith, Glenn Whitmore and Jack Morelli, Holly G! will introduce another new character to Riverdale, following the debut of Cassie Cloud in the Valentine’s Day special coming next month. She’s also breaking up The Archies — or at least sending them in a new direction, a band that’s been part of the pop culture circuit since the 1960s.

“Rock Candi proves that girls can ROCK!” Holly said in a press release. “No more tambourine shaking or backup vocals; these girls are shredding guitars, writing their own songs, and singing them. The story is more drama than comedy — it’s about not letting someone keep your light from shining, and how a band is supposed to support one another. I’m excited for more Rock Candi stories to come!”

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