‘Dawn of DC’ joins the 2023 Free Comic Book Day line-up

DC joins in on the FCBD fun for this year as other publishers reveal their final covers.

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Through their solicitations for April, DC Comics has revealed at least part of their plans for this year’s Free Comic Book Day — Dawn of DC, which shares a title with their recent publishing initiative that follows Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths.

“After the near-Multiverse-ending events in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths and DC Universe: Lazarus Planet, the DC Universe will be heading toward the light,” Jim Lee, DC publisher and chief creative officer, said last year when Dawn of DC was announced. “With brand-new series and story arcs from some of the top creative members in comics, Dawn of DC is one of our most ambitious initiatives ever and is a chance for us to tell bigger and bolder stories across our line.”

It looks like many of those titles and characters will get the spotlight on May 6 with the FCBD offering. Here’s the full solicitation text:

$7.50 NET for bundles of 25 (30 cents NET per copy) | 32 pages
Foil Variant ($9.99 US)
ON SALE 5/6/23
Dawn of DC is a yearlong publishing initiative with epic storylines and superstar creative teams that forge the future, one hero at a time. Dawn of DC will shine the spotlight on a number of fan-favorite superheroes and super-villains that haven’t been front and center for some time. It’s an easy entry point for both lifelong readers and those picking up a comic for the first time to dive into the new stories. Don’t miss this special edition featuring an all-new original story plus sneak peeks at upcoming titles.

And speaking of Free Comic Book Day, when the initial line-up was announced last year, several of the titles were presented with incomplete, placeholder covers. A few of those have now been updated on the FCBD site, including BOOM! Studios’ Ranger Academy, Kodansha’s sampler, Tokyopop’s Battle for the Pumpkin King and Ten Speed Press’ I Am Stan:

Finally, Marvel revealed more details about their FCBD titles, which will feature Spider-Man’s new costume, Stark Sentinels, the new Jonathan Hickman/Valerio Schiti project and more.

Free Comic Book Day for 2023 will take place on May 6. Follow the FCBD website for participating stores and more information.

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