Dennis Culver reveals ‘Unstoppable Doom Patrol’ scratch-off variant covers

Each cover will include a random Crazy Jane personality under the scratch off by artist Chris Burnham and colorist Brian Reber.

Dennis Culver, the writer of DC’s upcoming Dawn of DC title The Unstoppable Doom Patrol, has revealed five “scratch off” variant covers for the first issue by series artist Chris Burnham and colorist Brian Reber.

The covers will feature Doom Patrol member Crazy Jane looking in a mirror, which can then be scratched off to reveal one of five of her personalities. I mean, if you’re inclined to scratch it off. I totally would, but I’m sure that’s akin to opening a polybagged version of those Rob Liefeld X-Force covers from back in the day so I could see the back of the trading cards that were included.

Here’s a look at the unscratched cover:

Culver said on Twitter that Burnham “has always wanted to do a scratch off cover so this is a dream come true for that little freak.” The options include three classic Jane personalities:

Black Annis
Sun Daddy
Chainsaw Nun

And two new ones:

The Chief

If you’re hoping to get your hands on one of them, be sure to let your retailer know before Jan. 29. Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1 will arrive in stores at the end of March.

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