Tyler Crook’s ‘The Lonesome Hunters’ returns with a sequel in May

Howard and Lupe encounter a magical wolf in their next adventure.

Dark Horse Comics has announced that Tyler Crook’s excellent miniseries, The Lonesome Hunters, is getting a sequel later this year, subtitled “The Wolf Child.”

Crook wrote, drew and lettered the first miniseries, which introduced us to an elderly monster hunter named Howard and the young girl, Lupe, who he has to help defend from the Magpie Queen. This next miniseries sounds like it picks up right after the events of the first one.

“I’m super excited to be continuing the story of Howard and Lupe,” said Crook. “The Lonesome Hunters is the most personal and emotional story I’ve ever worked on, and the way readers have reacted to the story and connected to the characters has been amazing.”

Here’s the description for the new miniseries:

After defeating the Magpie Queen with a powerful ancient sword, monster hunters Howard and Lupe are on their way to get rid of it when car trouble leaves them stranded in a small town that is being terrorized by a magical wolf and a mysterious child in a wolf mask. While waiting for car repairs, Lupe befriends the child and she and Howard are drawn into a war between the townspeople and the deadly beasts.

You can hunt down the first issue at your local comic shop on May 31.

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