Nocenti + Villanelli send Captain Marvel on a cosmic mission in ‘Dark Tempest’

The five-issue miniseries kicks off in July.

Although Kelly Thompson’s epic run on Captain Marvel ends with issue #50 in June, Carol Danvers won’t be off the shelves for long — she’ll star in a five-issue miniseries, Dark Tempest, starting in July.

Ann Nocenti, writer of Daredevil, Longshot, The Seeds and more, will team with Star Wars: Bounty Hunters artist Paolo Villanelli to take Captain Marvel on a cosmic adventure involving a new foe, a legacy Mar-Vell villain and a new group of young heroes.

“I became curious about Carol Danvers during Kelly Sue DeConnick’s iconic run on the book, because of how great her work is, but also at how deft Kelly Sue is at drawing in and embracing female readers,” Nocenti said. “Her Carol Corps is inspiring. Then I read some of Kelly Thompson’s work on the book, and her stories are so much rollicking fun, I fell in love with Carol Danvers all over again. Captain Marvel is a sassy, funny, kick-ass hoot, and so much fun to write.”

cover by Mike McKone

Here’s the description of Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest:

After facing off against the Brood with the X-Men and losing someone she holds dear, Carol Danvers needs a break. She’s not about to get it now! A slinky cosmic threat comes for Earth’s Mightiest, and they know just who to recruit to really wreck Carol’s world – a surprise legacy villain! Don’t miss this extraordinary new adventure as Carol rockets from Kelly Thompson’s record-breaking run and slingshots from the Harpswell Sound to the far reaches of the galaxy!stars!

“I came up with wild story set on an alien planet at the edge of a blackhole in space, but the space odyssey is tethered by Carol’s friends (and a couple love interests) in Harpswell, Maine. Sarah Brunstad is a brilliant editor, she was inspiring to work with. You have a wacky idea? Sarah will help you make it happen,” Nocenti said. “Paolo Villanelli is a fabulous artist, he nails every panel, every scene, every issue. Literally, a dream artist to work with. Gorgeous art, plus together we are creating some new characters — a duet of villains and a team of heroes — and Paolo’s designs are so tender, ferocious and cool, he’s making it so easy to write this book. And we’re re-designing a great Jim Starlin legacy character! So Captain Marvel gets swept up in space adventure with some doom and gloom teenagers who believe the planet’s already wrecked, why bother building a family or career? Carol of course, gets that gleam in her eye, like, ‘Game on, I’ll show you how to live.’”

Look for the first issue on July 5.

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