Nocenti + Villanelli send Captain Marvel on a cosmic mission in ‘Dark Tempest’

The five-issue miniseries kicks off in July.

Although Kelly Thompson’s epic run on Captain Marvel ends with issue #50 in June, Carol Danvers won’t be off the shelves for long — she’ll star in a five-issue miniseries, Dark Tempest, starting in July.

Ann Nocenti, writer of Daredevil, Longshot, The Seeds and more, will team with Star Wars: Bounty Hunters artist Paolo Villanelli to take Captain Marvel on a cosmic adventure involving a new foe, a legacy Mar-Vell villain and a new group of young heroes.

“I became curious about Carol Danvers during Kelly Sue DeConnick’s iconic run on the book, because of how great her work is, but also at how deft Kelly Sue is at drawing in and embracing female readers,” Nocenti said. “Her Carol Corps is inspiring. Then I read some of Kelly Thompson’s work on the book, and her stories are so much rollicking fun, I fell in love with Carol Danvers all over again. Captain Marvel is a sassy, funny, kick-ass hoot, and so much fun to write.”

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The Web’s on the hunt for Pureheart’s secret identity in ‘World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest’ #129

Check out an exclusive preview of a new story coming in next week’s digest from Archie Comics.

Courtesy of Archie Comics, we’re pleased to present a preview of a new story from World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #129, which comes out April 26.

In today’s preview, for the story “Hiding in Plain Sight” by Ian Flynn, Rex Lindsey, Glenn Whitmore and Jack Morelli, Archie discovers his new friend Wyatt — aka the classic Archie super-spy character The Web — is trying to suss out the identity of Pureheart the Powerful. But holy eyeglasses, Batman — Archie IS Pureheart!

Check out the preview below, along with a complete classic Archie story by Frank Doyle and Harry Lucey.

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DC’s heroes face their worst nightmares in ‘Knight Terrors’ series of miniseries

Bad dreams abound as DC’s big summer crossover event goes line-wide in July and August.

DC has revealed additional miniseries they will publish in July and August as part of the big Knight Terrors crossover event. While their previous announcement included several series starring villains, this time around they spotlight the heroes who will be trapped in nightmares

Earlier this year DC announced the event, which will feature Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Deadman and others as they battle a new villain, Insomnia, in the realm of nightmares. While the main story will run through the Knight Terrors miniseries, the rest of DC’s normal line-up will be replaced by these miniseries.

Here’s the rundown:

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Marvel celebrates 84 years with ‘Marvel Age #1000’

J. Michael Straczynski, Kaare Andrews, Steve McNiven, Ryan Stegman and more will contribute stories to the new anthology.

The 84th anniversary of Marvel Comics #1, published by Timely in 1939, is coming up on Aug. 31, and to mark the occasion Marvel will release Marvel Age #1000. The one-shot will feature stories by Dan Slott, Mike Allred, Mark Waid, Kaare Andrews, Jason Aaron, Rainbow Rowell and more.

That 1939 issue kicked off what was effectively the Marvel Age of Comics, introducing the Golden Age Human Torch and featuring the first widely available appearance of Namor. “Marvel Age” was also the name of a promotional magazine that Marvel published in the 1980s and 1990s, so if you were hoping this was a celebration of interviews, house ads and Fred Hembeck, you might want to hold your excitement until August.

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