Preview: ‘Nervosa’ by Hayley Gold searches for hope amid disordered eating and the health care system

Check out a preview of the new graphic novel from Street Noise Books.

Courtesy of Street Noise Books, we’re pleased to share this preview of Nervosa, the new graphic novel from Hayley Gold.

Named for the eating disorder known as anorexia nervosa, the graphic memoir details Gold’s personal experience not only with the disease, but with navigating a health care system that seems “disinterested in the very patients it is supposed to treat.” I was impressed with the use of color in Nervosa, which is effective in its sparseness. Fans of Gold’s Letters to Margaret will note she uses a crossword puzzle in one of the sequences.

Nervosa is available now. You can check out the cover, a preview and the description from the publisher below.

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DC announces new titles featuring Power Girl, Fire & Ice

Both titles will spin out of May’s ‘Power Girl Special.’

The upcoming Power Girl Special will serve as the launching point for two new Dawn of DC titles.

Due out on May 30, the first story in the special, naturally, focuses on Power Girl, who has new powers as seen in back-up stories in the pages of Action Comics. Come September, Power Girl will star in her own title by writer Leah Williams and artist Eduardo Pansica.

Per DC, Power Girl will face “a long dormant Kryptonian threat” that has returned to take down Superman and his family.

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Birks + Roberts head south — far, far south — for the science fiction tale ‘Antarctica’

Top Cow and Image Comics will kick off the new series in July.

Simon Birks and Willi Roberts will follow a conspiracy to the bottom of the world in Antarctica, a new title debuting from Top Cow in July.

The story’s roots go back to a six-page short story in Top Cow’s Stairway Anthology, which came out in 2020. It follows a woman whose search for her missing father takes her to an Antarctic research station.

Antarctica takes no prisoners, and I’m excited to share our adventure with the readers. Willi and I have created something exceptional; an incredible experience full of unique twists and turns to keep everyone guessing right up until the end,” Birks said.

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Marvel + Abrams team up for team-ups

Cartoonist Mike Maihack has two ‘Mighty Marvel Team-Up’ graphic novels in the works.

Marvel and Abrams’ partnership will continue in June and next January with the release of two Mighty Marvel Team-Up graphic novels, both written and drawn by cartoonist Mike Maihack.

Spider-Man: Animals Assemble! will arrive in stores on June 13, and features Spider-Man helping out the Avengers by pet-sitting for them. It’ll feature appearances by Redwing, Lucky the Pizza Dog, Captain Marvel’s cat Chewie, Throg and more.

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