Marvel + Abrams team up for team-ups

Cartoonist Mike Maihack has two ‘Mighty Marvel Team-Up’ graphic novels in the works.

Marvel and Abrams’ partnership will continue in June and next January with the release of two Mighty Marvel Team-Up graphic novels, both written and drawn by cartoonist Mike Maihack.

Spider-Man: Animals Assemble! will arrive in stores on June 13, and features Spider-Man helping out the Avengers by pet-sitting for them. It’ll feature appearances by Redwing, Lucky the Pizza Dog, Captain Marvel’s cat Chewie, Throg and more.

“I hadn’t really played around with Spidey a lot until working on Animals Assemble! but—ahem—swung right into it. He’s such an expressive and enthusiastic character that every part of the book that he’s in (essentially the entire thing) was an absolute joy,” Maihack told

Then next January, Maihack returns with a second volume, Quantum Quest, that teams Spider-Man with the Fantastic Four and Namor, as they search for the missing city of Atlantis in the Quantum Realm.

Maihack is the creator of the kid’s graphic novel series Cleopatra in Space, and if you aren’t familiar with the name, chances are you’ve seen his distinctive, friendly comics work on social media, as he did a long run of fan Batgirl/Supergirl comics over the last 10 years or so (here’s one of them). You can find his previous work and several available prints on his Big Cartel site.

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