‘That Texas Blood’ spinoff miniseries will explore the past of Ambrose County

Creators Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips will tell the story of ‘The Enfield Gang Massacre’ this August.

That Texas Blood, one of my favorite comics from the past few years, is getting a spinoff miniseries this summer that will explore the past of Ambrose County, Texas, the comic’s setting.

Writer Chris Condon and artist Jacob Phillips will tell the story of The Enfield Gang Massacre in a six issue miniseries at Image Comics. Condon said he unknowingly set the stage for the new series in the back matter of a previous issue.

“Way back in That Texas Blood issue seven’s back matter, I mentioned ‘the Enfield Gang’s reign of terror in the 1870s’ which ended in a ‘shootout.’ That got Jacob’s imagination going and he wondered if we’d ever see that (or, more importantly, if he’d ever draw it). And, well, now we’re here,” said Condon. “That may have been the catalyst, but the truth is that I’ve always wanted to tell the story of the origin of Ambrose County, a birth fraught with violence and terror.”

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Bunn + Luckert go ‘Beyond Mortal’ in a new graphic novel at Dark Horse

Superheroes battle the elder gods in the new project, which will arrive next January.

Cullen Bunn and Danny Luckert, who collaborated on the recent Shock Shop, will re-team for a new graphic novel from Dark Horse.

Beyond Mortal combines two things Bunn is famous for — super-heroes and horror, as a world protected by a pantheon of heroes must face it’s greatest challenge — an invasion by the elder gods.

“If you know me, you know I love superheroes,” said Bunn. “You also know I love-love-love horror. While I’ve frequently infused horror elements into my superhero comics, I’ve never done a full-on horror book in a superhero universe. Well, here you have it. Beyond Mortal is sort of a fever dream of heroics and terror. And I think fans of superheroes will love it. And so will horror fiends.”

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Marvel’s next ‘Voices’ anthology will spotlight the X-Men

Al Ewing, Greg Pak, Jay Edidin, Jan Bazaldua, Jethro Morales and more will contribute to the anthology.

Marvel’s next “Voices” anthology will turn to the denizens of Krakoa, as the publisher has announced Marvel’s Voices: X-Men.

The anthology series, which followed a podcast on Marvel.com with the same name, has been published since 2020 and has spotlighted “diverse storytellers and their journeys,” as well as characters from diverse backgrounds. This year Marvel began spotlighting specific character groups, like the Spider-Verse characters and the citizens of Wakanda, in stories by diverse creators.

Marvel’s Voices: X-Men will feature stories from the past and present:

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