Everybody out of the water: DC + G’nort revive the illustrated swimsuit comic

The world needed more G’nort. But maybe not this much.

I was a little surprised and very ashamed when I started this post and noticed we didn’t have a G’nort tag yet. “How is such a thing possible?” I asked myself, but then again, maybe the universe’s favorite Green Lantern just hasn’t had a high-profile role in recent years.

But that will change in August when DC releases the G’nort’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, which both raises G’nort’s profile and brings back a fun and somewhat cheesy idea that Marvel published back in the 1990s. The Marvel Swimsuit Special would showcase Marvel characters in various tropical locales — like Wakanda, Madripoor and the Blue Area of the Moon (transformed by the Inhumans into a tropical paradise) — in their swimwear. They were light on story and heavy on the cheesecake. But they were a lot of fun.

And now, we have G’nort bringing them back, for the Distinguished Competition.

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Saladin Ahmed + Aaron Kuder will take over ‘Daredevil’ in September

Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checcetto’s run ends in August.

With Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checcetto’s epic (and Eisner nominated) run on Daredevil coming to an end this summer, Marvel has announced that Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder will take over the title in September.

“I wanted to only take this job on if I felt like I had a new, unique take on Matt and on Hell’s Kitchen,” Ahmed said. “And so that’s at the center of this… him and his world, but it’s the Marvel Universe. What I’ve really enjoyed in talking with other editors, other offices, is finding ways through these first couple of arcs we have planned to keep this centered on Matt, keep this centered on his people, in his world, but to bring (in a very organic and surprising fun way) some familiar Marvel figures that I think are going to blow people’s mind when they pop up on the page!”

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Heroes unite in this preview of ‘Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics #314’

Check out an exclusive look at new stories by Tom DeFalco, Rex Lindsey, Ian Flynn, Ryan Jampole and more.

Archie Comics has shared a preview with us of Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics #314, which will feature two new stories in addition to a whole lot of classic material.

Over the past couple years, Archie has been re-introducing some of their classic superhero characters in these digests, teaming them up with the gang from Riverdale. We’ve seen everyone from Pow-Girl to The Web to Fly-Girl appear, and in this issue, a lot of those threads come together. The villainous Blast Master is causing havoc in Riverdale, and the SuperTeens put out the call for assistance from the Mighty Crusaders, Bob Phantom and even the Power Pets. It’s a who’s who of the Archie Universe, written by Tom DeFalco with art by Rex Lindsey and Glenn Whitmore.

The second story, which is by Ian Flynn, Ryan Jampole, Whitmore and Jack Morelli, puts the focus on the new Fly-Girl and Evilheart, the “heroic” identity of Reggie. Is he good or evil? Is he trying to help, or just looking out for himself? Fly-Girl has to figure that out.

Check out previews of both stories below. Archie Comics also provided a complete “Betty and Veronica” story from years past by Bob Bolling, where they imagine what it would be like to live underwater. (I dig the colors on Archie’s outfit.) The digest will go on sale May 24.

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