Oni Press teases a new ‘The Sixth Gun’ project from Bunn + Hurtt

“Sometimes what’s dead doesn’t stay gone.”

Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt’s The Sixth Gun may have ended in 2016, but “Sometimes what’s dead doesn’t stay gone.”

A new teaser released by Oni Press today hints that a new The Sixth Gun project is on the way via Kickstarter. While the supernatural western had a definitive end, Bunn and Hurtt always hinted that they had more stories to tell, and even launched a second series, Shadow Roads, that was set in the same world.

The 50-issue series by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt ran from 2010 to 2016. Set in the Wild West era, the story followed the journey of Becky Montcrief, who inherited a cursed weapon known as the Sixth Gun — one of six such weapons, each with a distinct power. Alongside roguish gunslinger Drake Sinclair, who had questionable motives of his own, Becky navigated a treacherous landscape filled with supernatural forces, undead beings and rival factions seeking to control the six mystical guns. As they face numerous adversaries, Becky and Drake uncovered the guns’ dark history and the apocalyptic powers they possess.

Bunn and Hurtt did a phenomenal job of world-building in The Sixth Gun, creating a world that was ripe for exploration. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us next.

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