‘Birds of Prey’ will return this fall by Thompson, Romero + Bellaire

Black Canary will assemble the ‘most dangerous’ Birds of Prey ‘for mysterious reasons.’

DC’s Birds of Prey will return in September by the creative team of Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire.

Thompson revealed the news both on Twitter and via her Substack, and also shared the team’s first member, Black Canary, with the promise to reveal more of the members throughout the week. Here’s a look at Romero’s design:

Black Canary is building the “most dangerous” Birds of Prey team ever, according to the writer.

“Huge shout out to my editor Ben Abernathy, who built this beautiful beast with me and who when I asked for all my favorite characters just…SAID YES, LIKE A MADMAN,” Thompson said in her Substack newsletter.

Birds of Prey, as a concept, was conceived in the 1990s by DC editor Jordan B. Gorfinkel and first appeared in the anthology Showcase ‘96 #3. That was followed by a one-shot written by Chuck Dixon and drawn by Gary Frank that featured Black Canary working with Barbara Gordon, aka Oracle as the time, who was her “woman in the chair.”

Dixon wrote an ongoing until 2003 when Gail Simone took the reigns, adding Huntress to the mix — Black Canary, Oracle and Huntress would remain fairly constant in the team’s line-up as other characters moved in and out over the years, including Batwoman, Big Barda, Hawk and Dove, Lady Blackhawk, Vixen, Manhunter and many more — mostly sticking to an all-female line-up, with few exceptions.

Update: Thompson has revealed a second member, Cassandra Cain:

Update #3: Big Barda has entered the chat!

Update again: Zealot has been revealed as the fourth member:

Update: And the final character reveal is Harley Quinn:

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