Colleen Doran, Alex Ross, Sarah Andersen among this year’s NCS divisional nominees

The National Cartoonist Society announces the divisional nominees for the 77th Annual NCS Reuben Awards.

The National Cartoonists Society has announced the 2022 NCS Divisional finalists for the 77th Annual NCS Reuben Awards, which annually recognize creators of comic strips, illustrations, comic books and more. The winners will be announced Sept. 7, and the nominees for their biggest award, the Reuben itself, should be announced soon.

The awards recognize the artist or cartoonist, so you’ll see work, the writer or publisher aren’t called out in the nominations. The graphic novel category nominees for this year include Colleen Doran, artist of Chivalry; Alex Ross, creator of Fantastic Four: Full Circle; and Christian Meesey, artist of Time Shopper. For comic books, the nominees include Brett Bean, artist of I Hate Fairyland; Ben Bender, creator of The Littlest Viking; and Robert Goodin, creator of The Kurdles.

Webcomics creators are recognized in two categories — long form and short form. In the long-form category, the nominees include Phil Foglio, Brad Guigar and Sheldon creator Dave Kellett. In the short-form category, Sarah Andersen, Tex creator Jesse Atwell and Rich Powell have been nominated.

Below is the full list of the nominees.

Editorial cartoons

  • Ruben Bolling
  • Matt Davies
  • Clay Bennett

Magazine/Newspaper Illustration

  • Jim McGreal
  • Nick Galifianakis
  • Tom Chitty

Newspaper Panels

  • Dave Blazek
  • John Reiner
  • Wayno Honath

Gag Cartoons

  • Tyson Cole
  • Amy Hwang
  • Tom Toro
  • Christopher Weyant

Advertising / Product Illustration

  • Sam Grinberg
  • Bill Morrison
  • Dave Whamond

Comic Books

  • Brett Bean
  • Ben Bender
  • Robert Goodin

Graphic Novels

  • Colleen Doran
  • Christian Meesey
  • Alex Ross

Online Comics – Long Form

  • Phil Foglio
  • Brad Guigar
  • Dave Kellett

Online Comics – Short Form

  • Sarah Anderson
  • Rich Powell
  • Jesse Atwell

Book Illustration

  • Kayla Harren
  • Lincoln Peirce
  • Ed Steckley

Newspaper Strips

  • Darren Bell
  • Will Henry
  • Dana Simpson

Variety Entertainment

  • Chuck Dillon
  • Scott Nickel
  • Bob Weber Jr. and Scott Underwood

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