Aaron + Mahnke will take Batman ‘Off-World’ in November

The writer of ‘Scalped’ and ‘The Other Side’ returns to DC following the end of his exclusive contract with Marvel.

After years — decades, even — of plotting the course of Marvel titles like Thor, Wolverine and the X-Men and Avengers, writer Jason Aaron has returned to DC for a new Batman story.

Aaron will team with artists Doug Mahnke and Jamie Mendoza for Batman: Off-World, which he describes as “a different sort of Batman story.”

“One that sees a young Dark Knight undertaking his very first trip into space,” Aaron said in his newsletter. “A journey that’s inspired by some of the DC books that made me a comics fan as a kid, and ultimately set the course for the rest of my life.”

Here’s the official description, as revealed by IGN:

A routine night in Gotham City for a young Batman proves to be anything but routine when the crime-fighter is confronted with a sort of foe he’s never faced before—one from beyond the stars! A universe of possible alien threats leads Batman to make a daring decision—to venture alone into the far reaches of the cosmos for the very first time, where the Dark Knight will face the fight of his life!

Superstar writer Jason Aaron delivers his first Batman story ever, partnered with blockbuster artist Doug Mahnke for a unique, brutal tale!

Aaron’s long exclusive contract with Marvel recently came to an end, giving him the opportunity to write for their biggest competitor. And while Aaron is no stranger to the publisher, most of his work with the publisher was for their Vertigo imprint, including The Other Side and the career-defining Scalped.

Look for the first issue of Batman: Off-World on Nov. 21.

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