Aaron + Manna fire off ‘BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets’

The one-shot starring Keanu Reeves’ creation will arrive in stores this summer.

Jason Aaron has been busy since his exclusive contract with Marvel expired, writing pop culture icons like Superman, Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Uncle Scrooge. He’ll add another icon to that list, Keanu Reeves, with BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets.

BOOM! Studios announced the one-shot at the ComicsPRO meeting last week. Aaron will work with Reeves and artist Francesco Manna on the project, which will take the immortal title character to  the 1800s American West. It also serves as the first of several BRZRKR: Bloodlines specials BOOM! will release.

“Having new writers and artists explore B.’s history in these Bloodlines Specials is something that is so exciting to me,” said Reeves, the creator of BRZRKR. “Jason and Francesco teaming up for a brutal, tragic Western was a perfect match for BRZRKR and the types of stories we want to tell in this universe.”

Here are more details from BOOM! Studios:

When B. finds himself in the middle of a grudge match between a greedy land baron and his runaway daughter, he must decide if he will play the role of a guardian angel, or succumb to his violent tendencies.

And when the runaway prays for the vengeance she so obsessively clings to, God’s answer might be more than she bargained for…

“The world of BRZRKR is so visceral and action-packed that I’ve been a fan from the very beginning. So it’s super exciting to get to craft the first Wild West chapter of this epic saga, in the grim and gritty spirit of Leone, Corbucci and Peckinpah,” Aaron said.

Aaron’s no stranger to BOOM!, as they’ve been publishing the excellent Once Upon a Time at the End of the World, written by Aaron.

Manna shares Aaron’s love for the Western genre.

“When I was a child I used to watch so many Western movies with my dad. I was in love with Leone, Corbucci and Ford. I didn’t understand why or how, I just felt like there was some kind of magic that kept me hooked, watching and watching again and again. It’s very inspiring to let BRZRKR play with that magic and create a fresh and bloody vision of those old fashioned vibes,” said Manna.

BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets #1 arrives in stores in June.

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